Allotment #1
I began to rent a "small" allotment from Bristol City Council in mid-September 2007.

There's compost bins, a pond and half a shed. The previous tennent also supplied me with:

  • 6 x black currant
  • 6 x red currant
  • 4 x gooseberry
  • 4 x white currant
  • 10 x raspberry
  • 10 x strawberry
  • 2 x dwarf cherry tree
  • 6 x dwarf apple tree
  • 1 x dwarf pear tree
  • 1001 x weeds

My first steps were, removal of an existing fruit cage, slashing the brambles and nettles down, and putting down weed-suppressing black woven fabric.

More recently, I have been planting currant bushes through the black fabric - and I've built a fruit cage.


View from the bottom to my blue shed at the top - 2007-10-01

View from half way down to the bottom, showing existing currant bushes - 2007-10-01

View from the top to the compost bins at the bottom - 2007-10-01

First fruit cage, around the existing currant bushes- 2007-10-30

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